About Company

Company name Maruwa Unyu Kikan Co., Ltd.
Head office Asahi 7-1, Yoshikawa city, Saitama, Japan 342-0008
Head sales office Asahi Momotaro 1-1-1, Yoshikawa City, Saitama, Japan 342-8505
Tokyo office Tekko Building 5F, Marunouchi 1-8-2, Chiyoda ku , Tokyo, Japan 100-0005
President & CEO Masaru Wasami
Established April, 2022
Capital 350 million Yen (As of March 1st, 2023)
Business Third-party logistics (3PL) Services:
(E-commerce & Ordinary-temperature; Low-temperature Foods; Medicine & Medical)
Logistics Solutions Consulting;
Transportation (general · special combined cargo transportation, moving,
Industrial waste recycling and handling, etc.)
Includes business continuity plan service,Important documents storage services
Group companies Consolidated subsidiaries: 10
Non-consolidated subsidiaries: 3
Number of employees 15,480 in total including 4,589 regular employees and 10,891 part time employees
Revenues JPY 133.0 billion Yen (As of March 31th, 2022)
Branch 172 Bases all over Japan (As of March 31th, 2022)


3PL (Third-party Logistics) Provider: from a third party standpoint, to provide customers with strategic and professional logistics system services. Recent years, with the business focus of shippers gradually shifting from production to sales, and then to logistics, the management strategy requires the "flow of materials" to improve the efficiency, third party logistics, a new business arises.

AZ-COM 3PL サービス thumbnail
  • AZ-COM 3PL 低温食品物流 thumbnail

    Operation of logistics facilities for food supermarkets

    • Online supermarket
    • Consumers' co-operative distribution
    • Store shopping delivery etc.
  • AZ-COM 3PL 医薬・医療物流 thumbnail

    Pharmacy logistics facilities operation

    • Medicine & Medical logistics
    • Reverse logistics
    • Joint distribution, etc.
  • AZ-COM 3PL 常温物流 thumbnail

    Logistics facility operation for EC online shopping

    • Last one-mile delivery
    • Furniture · home appliance distribution
    • Logistics facilities management for retail stores

Our goal

  • Growing market
  • Growing customers

Low temperature food cold chain logistics structure

Based on extensive professional knowledge and over many years successful experience, and user needs to provide continuous reform, improve logistics solutions

With a deep understanding of customers' overall business strategy, we provide core logistics solutions and system adjustment support of "what to do and how to do".

Fully realize cost reduction and efficiency increase, improve system, improve logistics quality, commitment to achieve "store owner’s viewpoint" continuous improvement and reform.


"7PL" : Seven logistics performance. Not only refers to seven services, but also defines seven main functions common in various business reforms.
Following are seven contents of food cold chain logistics.

1.Focus on core competence / 2.Increase the logistics profit / 3.Generate the commercial distribution profit / 4.Ability to attract customers / 5.Improve Store operation efficiency / 6.Resolve labor shortage / 7.Improve logistics quality
1.Focus on core competence
To maximize 3PL professional experience of supermarket, make customers to focus on their own business
2.Increase the logistics profit
Profit maximization through logistics cost visualization and low consumption operation
3.Generate the commercial distribution profit
Promote SCM through supply-chain enterprise cooperation and integration
4.Ability to attract customers
Reform fresh logistics, strengthen supermarket sales capacity
5.Improve Store operation efficiency
Through store operation reform, improve store revenue structure
6.Resolve labor shortage
Developing strategic process centers, make effective use of limited human resources
7.Improve logistics quality
Strengthen freshness management, safe, fresh goods delivery

Providing our unique high value-added service

Utilization of DX

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Investor Relations (IR)

Maruwa Unyu Kikan Co., Ltd. is a Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company, 1st section, Code: 9090
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